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My 5th weekly check-in was all but disappointing. I gained 1.2 pounds from last week. It’s so aggravating, but my bottle of alcohol and mac n cheese caught up with me. But that’s okay. Yes, I gained weight, but I’m still 14 pounds lighter than I was when I first started. Papa also reminded me that the exercise I do gains muscle and makes me stronger. It’s true.

My time at the gym today was eye-opening. I am not at the point of jogging or running, but I spent ten minutes going at the fastest stride I’ve built up to. Comparing to when I first started, I would go at a slow walk and when I wanted to go faster I’d boost it up a click or two. Confidence built in and I was going up half a point, then boost it up a click or two, and now I’m going at a faster pace for longer periods. My goal is to try jogging, but at this point I’m still not going at a fast stride and I’m not confident enough in the treadmill to jog. It’s difficult when I compare myself to the joggers and the runners and those crazy people who do the highest incline on the machine…but who doesn’t compare themselves to other people? I realize everyone at the gym has their own reasons to go and their own strengths and weaknesses, but the way I see it, it’s motivation to get stronger. Not necessarily so I can “beat” the person on the machine next to me (I know I’d fly off the treadmill if I did), but when I look at the joggers and the runners and the crazy people on the highest incline I see confidence. I’ve only been working at the gym for a month, and though I’ve improved in confidence, I have a long way to go for self-improvement.

What I have improved on in my experience at the gym is that I have gotten stronger. I first mentioned my increased speed, but I have also discovered that doing the ab and hip machines have become easier to do. I ached all over after the first time I did them, but I learned to stretch afterwards. After a month on the machines I have decided to increase the weight, but not the sets. I’m happy with the sets I do; I make sure I do a full rep, and a ten-second pause after each set. I’m very excited to see how it turns out.

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